Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Is Risk for Nerds?

I love playing Risk. What is more fun than competing with 1-5 other friends in a game of world conquest? The game demands a lot of abstract thinking and if you try to conquer too many territories with too few armies, what will appear to be a conquest will become an embarrassment. Protect the borders of South America! Leave one army behind! I'm so excited for my upcoming game against fellow Risk fans Peter and Chris.

Two days ago, however, I was mocked by some of my closer friends for being so passionate about Risk. When did a game of world conquest become dorky? I've decided that I can't play Risk and keep a blog. While I recognize that neither is "cool," I am comfortable accepting that the two of them could be as volatile to my reputation as Dungeons and Dragons...WHICH, I might add, I have never played!

Risk or Blog? AHHHHHHHHH Screw it! I'm a Risk-playing Blogger!!! If that makes me That Crazy Risk Blogger so be it!!!


Josh said...


I've been reading your blog in secret for a while now, and wondering whether i should comment, but now I know it was worth the weight. Allow me to wholeheartedly back you in your love of both blogs and risk. Both are noble pursuits.

Other josh.

Chris said...

This weekend. It's on.