Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Friday, June 22, 2007

stop eating burgers!

i just found an experimental bag of doritos today called "Doritos X-13D" - the flavor is for you to guess. anyway, i tried one and the taste was so familiar. was it buffalo sauce with blue cheese? nope. some type of mix of cheddar? nope. it was, get this, a WHOPPER dorito.

it didn't just kinda taste like a whopper - it WAS a whopper. you could taste the mayo, the mustard, the pickles and the onions. i don't know how this could be a "cool" idea for a chip, as some of my coworkers felt. one could imply that a whopper was just the same combinations of a few flavors and chemicals but with a different texture. that's just fucked up. maybe one day burger king will fuck up and have burgers that taste like fries, fries that taste like coke, and coke that tastes like burgers. if i were still in college i'd end this entry with something condescending like "would we even notice?" fuck yeah we would. but that's why there is no room for variation in flavor.

YESSS! i'm soooooooo excited (and not scared)

indiana is so hot right now. the guy is 65 years old in july, which means he's getting back on a horse (hopefully) while most people his age are getting ready to retire. and he looks gooood. he's a year younger than bob dylan but you'd never think'it. my impression is that this picture is a pretty good reflection of what ford's been up to for the past 10 years (sans joint).

anyway, here are some possibilities for indiana jones 4

Indiana Jones and the Search for the Jesus Snake

Spielberg realizes the profitability in making movies that can be marketed to church groups (Evan Almighty, Chronicles of Narnia, Phat Girlz). In this adventure, the Nazis realize that if they find Jesus, they can harness the power of God and conquer the world. Jones is asked by the U.S. government to find Jesus before the Nazis do, and with his bravado he does. Only problem is.... Jesus has returned to earth in the form of a snake! Indiana must conquer his fear of snakes and Jones and Jesus must come together to save the world. Shia LaBeouf stars as Jesus Snake.

Indiana Jones and Red Clock of Destiny

After the destruction of temple in Canyon of the Crescent Moon, the world is convinced Indiana has died and he uses this opportunity to live in hiding for fear of Nazi assassination. He has given up his adventures and spends his days relaxing on his ranch when he befriends a courageous young boy, Montana Shepard, who discovers Indiana's secret past. Convinced he's too old for adventures, Indiana disappoints the child. That is, until Indiana Jones discovers that the Communists have obtained a weapon of mass destruction known as the Clock of Destiny - an Incan wristwatch that is capable of turning cities into dust. The only problem is, they do not know how to use it! Montana convinces Indiana out of retirement for one last adventure! Tom Cruise stars as Stalin.

Indiana Jones and the Island of Lost Heroes

Indiana faces his biggest challenge yet! On a voyage through Bermuda, Indiana gets lost and finds a deserted island...or is it!?! A native tribe is led by John McClane, Rocky Balboa, The Terminator, Ellen Ripley, and John J. Rambo who must fight Aliens who live inside the Volcano. Only problem is, the tribe has captured a Predator, who Indiana knows, must be free in order to battle the Aliens. Indiana must pick a side in this epic adventure of the meaning of friendship. Frank Stallone stands in as Rambo.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Onion

Craig Kilborn Ready To Return To The Daily Show

LOS ANGELES—Former late-night television personality Craig Kilborn announced Monday that he has decided to return to the show he says he...

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Flea Market Montgomery - Long Version

this is the definition of "rap music"