Wednesday, April 11, 2007

God? Send Godsend a Sequel

this was one of the most fun movies i've seen this year. my favorite moment was either the birthing rebecca romijn yelling out "something's wrrrrrrrrrong!" or this incredible moment between de niro (RDN) and rebecca romijn (RR) - for context, rebecca romijn is feeling alienated from her husband and to comfort her, robert de niro is making her dinner in his incredible kitchen and asking her to taste the sauce he's preparing off of his wooden spoon (be careful, it's hot!)

RR: Paul [her husband] is convinced that somehow Adam's cells have...
RDN: Retained memories of his first life? [pause] There's an often cited experiment... a rat was trained to run a maze, killed, then ground up and fed to a second rat. The second rat, when presented with the same maze, completed it in record time, proving that memory lived on in those ingested cells. It's fascinating, really, [pause] also a bunch of nonsense... and an urban legend.

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