Tuesday, May 22, 2007


this guy's got some MOVES

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Monday, May 7, 2007

sunset on mars

i'm a real sucker for mars news. i recently came across this photograph (or is it a picture?) of sunset on mars, which i think is pretty incredible.

anyway, the latest news on the mission to mars is that NASA is having to deal with major ethical questions. according to the AP, one of these questions is "How do you cope with sexual desire among healthy young men and women during a mission years long?" my boss suggested sending stephen hawking, since "he probably can't have sex" and "who would be attracted to him?" wow. maybe he's right. but if we've learned anything from the movies "Mission to Mars," "Red Planet," or really just "2001: A Space Oddysey," any ambitious mission like this will be subject to "go terribly awry," and become a "a catastrophic and mysterious disaster."

so what does this mean? even if you send someone up that is terribly attractive, something is bound to go wrong. maybe space radiation will cure stephen hawking into a handsome horny genius. also, why would you send someone on a mission like this with the same voice as HAL 9000? it really just doesn't make any sense. if you send stephen hawking, we'll be in deep shit.

my recommendation?

Sunday, May 6, 2007

ouch, nihal!

nihal followed up with the bet this weekend and OUCH it's a doozy. basically he quoted an onion article the entire way through, changed some parts, and dissed that crazy rap music. shows you how little pride he has to follow a bet. i wasn't looking for in-depth analysis of why my blog is better. a tip of the hat, however, would have been perfect. but nihal got super sensitive and tried to lash out at me. let's recap: nihal wrote on his blog about how my blog was better. what a cool guy! i mean, way cooler than me. i hope last night he was bragging to some fine young ladies in some new dive in williamsburg about how he was going getting ready to rip into his friend's blog because of some "stupid bet."

to nihal: i offer you a picture i once sent some baby who lived in my dorm freshman year...

Friday, May 4, 2007

TCRM One. Cosmodrome (well, just Nihal) ZERO!

that's right rap fans!!! last night's warriors-mavs game was one for the ages. and how did dirk nowitzki do?

Name Min FG 3Pt FT Stl Reb Ast TO Pts

D. Nowitzki 38 2-13 0-6 4-4 1
10 2 3 8


8 points? EIGHT POINTS??? he couldn't even get into double digits and he is likely this season's MVP winner. i think this is indicative of the disappointment we should all feel for this year's regular season (the playoffs so far have been excellent). dirk can be mvp for the regular season because the competition was so dismal - this mavs team would not be 67-15 if the western conference was what it used to be.

but to more important matters! 8 points fell shy of the 25 needed for Nihal to win the bet, which means he has to post on Cosmodrome how thatcrazyrapmusic is a superior blog. For those of you who don't know, Cosmodrome has a bunch of writers (kinda like dailykos) while no one writer is representative of the entire blog. but Nihal put cosmodrome's reputation on the line and he fell short. bow to me, cosmodrome!

as for you, mvp dirk nowitzki: hang your head in shame. it's gonna be a long summer.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

the bet is on!

well blog/NBA fans - today we have something exciting for you! I made a bet with Cosmodrome's Nihal over Dirk Nowitzki's performance tonight. If Dirk scores fewer than 25 points tonight, Nihal will have to write a post about how TCRM is a superior blog (that's right... i abbreviated it. i told you today is exciting!).

Bill Simmons wrote a column today about how Golden State fans are the best in the playoffs right now, which makes me even more confident that I have this one in the bag. I also think Stephen Jackson is going to play insane tonight (he's covering Dirk) and that the Mavs are not going to find any momentum. I hope I can catch the end of the game... I am seeing spiderman 3 at midnight (<--oh wait that was about me! i promised this blog will never be about me!).

Oh, and if i lose the bet (i won't), I have to sing Nihal's praises on TCRM. Even if I lose (i won't), that'll be fun too. I have some BIG plans for that.

Nihal.... what if he scores exactly 25? I think that he has to go over for you to win.

Good luck tonight GSW! Good luck tonight Spidey! Good luck tonight fans of rap music!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

bill simmons's cruelty, part 2

bill simmons imagines what will happen between NBA commissioner David Stern and Dirk Nowitzki at the MVP award ceremony...

--Stern: "Well, Dirk, maybe the playoffs didn't turn out the way you planned, but for 82 meaningless games during one of the worst seasons of my 23-year tenure, you were the best player in a terrible league. Unfortunately, voting for the award happens right after the regular season, so voters weren't able to factor in your complete meltdown in Round 1 against Golden State. You didn't just fail to step up like an MVP should, you whined and complained the entire series, disgraced your teammates and embarrassed your fans. Not since David Hasselhoff has America been so embarrassed by a German. I don't know whether to hand you this trophy or smash it over your head. Lucky for you, this is being televised, so I can only hand you the trophy and congratulate you on the 2006-07 Most Valuable Player Award. I'm going to leave now so I can throw up." --Dirk Nowitzki (taking the trophy): "Thank you, Mr. Commissioner."

wow man that is cruel. but i must say this was one of the worst basketball seasons i can remember. maybe that is what is making the NBA playoffs so exciting right now: EVERY team was awful. even the mavs, with their impressive record this year, never got through to me. josh howard? jerry stackhouse? jason terry? i can't wait for golden state to destroy them (maybe not tonight in dallas, but definitely in oakland).