Friday, January 25, 2008

Are the bands I like APING Saturday Night Live characters?

1) Blitzen Trapper

First off, I want to say I don't like Blitzen Trapper. But I went to a concert, and I would really like to like them, since the Jicks think they are good enough to tour with them and they are constantly compared to having the spirit of Wowee Zowee, which I can understand, but its no Wowee Zowee.
This guy from Blitzen Trapper is obviously from Blue Oyster Cult....

2) Mastodon

The guy from Mastodon also sorta takes after a Will Ferrel character, but I'm going to go with a hybrid. I also think I may be getting him confused with another sort of homeless SNL character.

Wow I just said a lot.... MASTODON IS AMAZING. I just went to their concert with Neurosis in Brooklyn last night. All I want to say is... I am not a man. These guys were incredible. I'm terrified of them hurting me, so I want to remind them this is a website to entertain!!!! Please don't chop my head off.


Terrence Maddox, Nude Model

Ki-Rok, Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer

Notice how I'm not afraid of Blitzen Trapper. A band is awesome when you are terrified of them. Also the guy from Blitzen Trapper sorta acts like an unfunny Will Ferrell. Which is not necessarily an insult. But it's certainly no compliment.

Again... I would like to like Blitzen Trapper.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

DIY Soundsystem - All My Phones

enjoy (and catch the special effects at the way end)!

Screen Shots: Part Deux

I was going to post this screenshot of a funny juxtaposition I discovered on some website...when i discovered that TCRM had been displaying, instead of a photo of Star Trek's Data, this...

"Stealing bandwidth is for losers?"

I was trying to steal your picture of Data. Data from Star Trek. You should be thanking me!!! For stealing your picture. Of Data. From Star Trek.

Geek Roar... you are now enemy number 2 of TCRM. Right behind.....


Saturday, January 5, 2008

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

No Other Way to Put It: Robosexuality.

From an article about David Levy, author of Love and Sex With Robots: The Evolution of Human-Robot Relationships, who predicts by the year 2050 humans will be having sex with lifelike robots...

Would Levy himself have sex with a robot? He doesn't have to ponder the question.

"If there was a robot of the sort I describe in the book, I would certainly want to experience using it for sex, and I wouldn't regard it as anything untoward," he said. "I would do it out of curiosity. Not that I have a need for a new sex partner. I'm happily married."

There is plenty "wrong" in this story. But isn't there so much more "right?" I for one am tired of buying a new roll of Reynolds every time I am with a woman. Sure, my grandma assures me I can reuse tin foil, but I just think that's inappropriate.

The problem, I suppose, is programming a robot to want to have sex with you. This will probably be solved by "if then" statements. But be careful with programming "if then loop" statements. You will need to program your robot to understand "if "no", then value=0." But with loop statements, eventually your robot may come to understand that "if "no", then value =/=0" and it will keep trying. It would be a recipe for disaster if your only protection from your robot sex slave is to scream to active the voice recognition "No means value=0!"

An Open Letter to Mrs. Levy:

Dear Mrs. Levy,

Your husband is undoubtedly excited by the prospect of robofucking. If you want to protect your sex life and marriage, I offer you this solution: have the dirtiest sex with him in a jacuzzi. Or the shower. These robosluts can't fuck in water (yet) and this is your only hope right now.

The other solution is to be really absurd in your sex life. Maybe reveal to David mid coitus that you purchased a box of Topps baseball cards that day and that he can't see them.

Now I recognize that these two solutions are somewhat in a servile role to your husband. Your husband is obviously into this (he wants to fuck a robot) and you married him for all these flaws. Start embracing what only humans can do. Use this opportunity to challenge your own concept of humanity. You are not a robot! You are a woman!!!

Joshua Sherman

Unfortunately, this prediction of sex robots does not help TCRM fan, Data. He wants to feel!!! Even if it is only the sensation of air upon his arm hairs. Dr. Noonien Soong could program him to compute 60 trillion operations per second... apparently, just not enough to compute love.

"Love me love me, communicate that you love me"

Baron Davis slams over Andrei Kirilenko!

just wanted to start the new year off right. the warriors were so much fun to watch last playoffs - here's hoping we get to witness a team as exciting this year!