Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Is LeBron James Speed Racer?

Speed Racer won a race at Thunderhead, nearly beating the course record set by his brother, Rex Racer. He was chasing the ghost of the greatest before him.

LeBron James hasn't won anything except MVPs and scoring trophies. Still, he'll definitely win a championship. He plays in the shadow of all the greats before him.

Speed Racer is visited E.P. Arnold Royalton, a wealthy businessman who asks Speed Racer to join his team.

LeBron got visited by this guy...

Speed chose to race independently, to be loyal to his family. Tomorrow, we'll find out if LeBron resist the bright lights of Manhattan to play for his home squad (even though he's not from Cleveland, but Akron). Was that confusing? This is me in a state of being bonkers after a 4th of July party explaining the Maltese Ice Caves scene....

Not as eloquent as Royalton....

Interesting that you and your father were so moved by the '43 Prix. One of the great finishes in the history of racing, right? Everyone remembers Burns and Stickleton slugging it out. But who remembers Carl Potts? Driving this rebuilt Wittigan for lodyne Industries, Potts spun out in the second lap and went down as a DNF, a forgettable and pathetic finish, so bad that afterwards, lodyne stock dropped six points. But as Ben Burns sat guzzling cold, fresh milk in Victory Lane, a thousand cameras taking his picture, Sirrus Aeronautics saw almost a 12-point gain, which immediately blocked Penninsula Power Cell from being able to afford the price of a complete takeover. This put Joel Goldman, the CEO of lodyne, Inc., in the exact position he wanted to be in. By first buying controlling interest in his own company at a devalued price, he then brokered a merger with Sirrus that immediately sent lodyne into the gains record book, the only record book that matters. Look out that window. There isn't a single plane or helicopter or K-Harrier that isn't powered by lodyne fuel cells.

That's what racing is about. It has nothing to do with cars or drivers. All that matters is power, and the unassailable might of money!

I love Speed Racer.

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