Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Die Hard (Batteries)

As a young'un, I often confused household goods with their superior alternate meanings. I remember constantly thinking that floppy disk in the stack in the "computer room" labeled "Laserjet" was a video game my dad had been hiding from me. But no, it was an old timey printer driver that could probably print 8 pages a minute. BUT THAT'S STILL SUPERFAST.

DIE HARD batteries was another one. As many of you know, I'm a big time Die Hard fan and just the sight of those words gives me a Nakatomi Plaza in my pants (<-- really sorry about that, I'm pretty sure that's my first boner joke on this blog). The jolt of excitement seeing those words matched the jolt you'd get if you licked it, but the battery company would always rank 2nd in my mind to the holiness that is the movie.

Until today! In this video, Gary Numan plays "Cars" on a keyboard made of cars, all powered by a Die Hard battery.

Welcome, Die Hard batteries, to the world of excellence.

[via youaintnopicasso]

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