Friday, July 30, 2010

Arcade Fire vs. Inception

With the latest Arcade Fire hit just around the corner, what's really left to say about the band? To me, their status was cemented by the Where the Wild Things Are trailer: okay, they're the voice of our generation. (But is that really the highest praise? According to the Nielsen numbers, Jersey Shore: Miami might be the voice of our generation, too...)

I digress. Truthfully, I really like (the?) Arcade Fire. This afternoon I went back to their first two albums, "Funeral" and "Neon Bible" - they hold up well - Funeral's still pretty awesome, Neon Bible's all right, but it has "(Antichrist Television Blues)" which is their second best song after "Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)" and overall I like the album.

So driving around LA, it occurred to me though that not only are ALMOST ALL of Arcade Fire's best songs about dreams, sleep, and memories (just to list a few - Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels), Wake Up, Rebellion (Lies), In The Backseat, No Cars Go), but that Arcade Fire might be the best band in real life.

But is this real life?*

Win Butler vs. Dom Cobb (DiCaprio)
Dark, brooding, mysterious. But chill out, bra! We know you're the best, and we're all rooting for you, so lighten up!
Régine Chassagne vs. Mal Cobb (Cotillard)
Les belles erotiques. Mon dieu! But yeah, these ladies seem slightly detached, like if you asked these ladies for the time, they'd just stare at you, giggle, and walk away.
Will Butler vs. Arthur (Gordon-Levitt)
Like a sleaker version of Cobb, in charge of the second unit. Also, when Will bangs on his helmet with a drum stick, is he just activating the kick? And who's in that dream???
Sarah Neufeld vs. Ariadne
Because, why not add a few cuties to the team?

* David after Dentist was onto something...

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