Sunday, May 6, 2007

ouch, nihal!

nihal followed up with the bet this weekend and OUCH it's a doozy. basically he quoted an onion article the entire way through, changed some parts, and dissed that crazy rap music. shows you how little pride he has to follow a bet. i wasn't looking for in-depth analysis of why my blog is better. a tip of the hat, however, would have been perfect. but nihal got super sensitive and tried to lash out at me. let's recap: nihal wrote on his blog about how my blog was better. what a cool guy! i mean, way cooler than me. i hope last night he was bragging to some fine young ladies in some new dive in williamsburg about how he was going getting ready to rip into his friend's blog because of some "stupid bet."

to nihal: i offer you a picture i once sent some baby who lived in my dorm freshman year...

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