Monday, September 20, 2010

Saved By The GTL

Remember when Mark Paul Gosselaar showed up on Jimmy Fallon a few months ago as Zach Morris, complete with blonde wig and giant mobile phone? It was like seeing your best friend from childhood, who looked exactly like the last time you saw him (unless you, like me, watched the College Years or the "Wedding in Las Vegas" made-for-TV movie). Knowing that his five best friends wouldn't show up behind him further cemented a truth you faced a long time ago: they're not real.

Maybe this is why Jersey Shore is so beloved. They definitely are real, and regardless if their friendships are based exclusively on the idea "we can make money together," interesting friendships have definitely been based on less substantial ideas (my best friends all come from the same college dorm).

And this is what makes this video so goddamn fun. Instead of tuning into TBS before school, I get to watch an untampered webcam video of these morons dancing to music I've inferred they would be into (it's clubby, it's Italian, it's probably their ringtones). We're beyond scripted hijinx. Should the experience of death resemble the final scene of Titanic, I imagine to many of us it will look exactly like this: all your best friends, jumping around in front of camera, giving you a smile.

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