Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Matt's I-Didn't-Vote Mix

1. Excepter - If I Were You (Live)
Ah... I had to vote absentee. I had the ballot sent to my apartment.

2. Psychedelic Horseshit - Nothing is Revealed
I thought I had my mail key, but I could not find it. I went on tour without getting into my mailbox. The ballot would be sent to me on the road.

3. The Dead C - Power
Where are those keys?!

4. Landed - War / Us vs. Them (and You)
I called my landlord. He got my mail for me. But my ballot wasn't there. There was no time to send another one. Too close to the election.

5. Fat Worm of Error - Petulant Bureaucrats Being Pummeled With Peanut Butter
I watched all of the election stuff happen on TV while sitting in my hotel room. I felt pretty dumb. I really dropped the ball on that one.

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