Monday, December 15, 2008

New Reason To Be Excited For 2009

I really not into "numbers" movies, so if this movie sucks (which, I mean, c'mon) it's definitely NOT Cage's fault.

And... why not....

Bad Numbers Movies

1. Number 23

Jim Carrey is one of the few movie stars whose presence can actually make bad movies worse.

2. Beautiful Mind

Wow, what if Jim Carrey starred in this movie instead of Russell Crowe. Sortof amazing to think about...

Some guy: So how about it, Nash? You scared? Russell Crowe: Terrified... mortified... petrified... stupefied... by you.

Now let me put an images in your head.

Some guy: So how about it, Nash? You scared?

by YOU!!!!

Can't think of any others right now (U-571 doesn't count, not even sure if Beautiful Mind should really count.... I haven't seen Da Vinci Code), but comment if you'd like.

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Alex said...

rain man
oceans 11
oceans 12
oceans 13
cheaper by the dozen

also, the plot keywords for the number 23 on imdb are epic
* Obsession
* Shower
* Psychological Thriller
* Paranoia
* Wrongful Imprisonment
* Stabbed To Death
* Cult Favorite
* Suicide
* Number 23
* Psycho Thriller
* Animal Control Worker
* Book
* Electronic Music Score
* Bridge
* Female Nudity
* Enigmatic
* Shot In The Head
* Corpse
* Driven Mad
* Murder
* Detective
* Fantasy Sequence
* Framed
* Premarital Sex
* Nightmare
* Knife
* Insanity
* Fall From Height
* Death
* Cigarette Smoking
* Fantasy Becomes Reality
* Psychiatrist
* Hospital
* Male Nudity
* Author
* Blood
* Blood Splatter
* Reading
* Husband Wife Relationship
* Femme Fatale
* Dogcatcher
* Woods
* Stabbed In The Chest
* Mental Institution
* Slit Throat
* Skeleton
* Throat Slitting
* Teacher Student Relationship
* Numerology
* Attempted Suicide
* Bookstore
* Number In Title
* Title Spoken By Character
* Twist In The End

but this was less than helpful: